Dispositivo LC40 de e3tcity
Dispositivo LC40 de e3tcity

LC40 device allows remote control and monitoring of any new or existing streetlight network. This control is achieved by installing one E3TLight device just before the lights section we want to command. Its connection to E3TGlobal CLOUD is via WiFi and user applications are available for PC, Android and IOS.

Esquema de conexión del LC40 de e3tcity

Individual point to point control is the best option for installations where each point of light should behave differently in on/off switching, dimming, energy and any problem in real time.

Diagrama de conexiones del LC40 de e3tcity

LC40 line is the easiest element for controlling and monitoring light points. It can switch on/off and dim lighting.
The equipment allows main electric parameters measuring, fail detection, and on/off switching scheduled programming.
Optionally, to control the switching you can install a presence or luminosity sensor.

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