E3TLight system allows remote control and monitoring of any new or existing streetlight network. This control is achieved by installing one E3TLight device just before the lights section we want to command. With one unique device we can master from one point of light to whole streets. Its connection to E3TGlobal CLOUD is via WiFi and user applications are available for PC, Android and IOS.

Individual point to point control is the best option for installations where each point of light should behave differently in on/off switching, dimming, energy and any problem in real time.
The Smart version LS40 also allows to set behaviour, alarms and sensors associated events.

LS40 line has been thought to transform one point of light into an smart element of the Smart City. Whith this device in its different configurations we can control on/off switching, dimming, power consumption measuring, air quality measuring, pollution, noise level, temperature, humidity…
In addition to its point of light main electric parameters measuring, the equipment allows fail, blinking and stealing detection and on/off switching scheduled programming.

Download datasheet:

Technical specifications

Electric parameters:

  • 110-230 Vca
  • 50/60 Hz
  • MAX 1000 W / 8A
  • -25ºC a +70ºC


  • WI-FI 802.11 b/g/n/ 2.4 GHz


  • AC IN 110-230 V
  • AC OUT 110-230 V
  • 0-10 V dimmer
  • Optional 4 Analogue inputs for sensors
  • Modbus RS485 Communication port

Power measurements:

  • Instantaneus power
  • Voltage
  • Intensity
  • Total power consumption
  • Surges and outages in electric supply
  • Operating hours
  • Switch on counter


  • 181 x 107 x 34 mm. (IP65)
  • Outer antenna 75 mm