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In this privacy policy we outline the way in which we collect, store and use the information obtained via the services and pages available on this website. It is important that you understand what information we collect and for what purpose, since the use of this site implies acceptance of that set out in this policy.


Accessing this website may involve a cookie being sent to your computer. Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your browser which allow the website to “remember” information about you that it will use later. They allow it to identify you as a specific user, saving your personal preferences, for instance, and recording information on the number of times you visit the website, or what pages within the website you look at.

If you do not wish to accept cookies or wish to be informed before they are stored on your computer or mobile device, you can configure your browser accordingly.

Most browsers today give you three options for managing cookies:

  1. Never accept cookies.
  2. Ask you each time if you wish to accept a given cookie.
  3. Always accept cookies.

The browser might also give the option to specify which cookies should and should not be accepted. You can choose one of the following options:

  1. Deny cookies from specific domain.
  2. Deny cookies from third parties.
  3. Enable non-persistent cookies.
  4. Allow cookies to be set for a different domain.
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Remember that deleting existing cookies may affect your browsing experience.

DoubleClick cookie

  • As associate provider Google uses cookies to publish advertisements on
  • You can disable Google’s DoubleClick cookie via its Privacy centre.

Browsers may also allow users to view and delete cookies individually.

Find out more about cookies on Wikipedia

Web Beacons

This site may also host web beacons (also known as web bugs). Web beacons are usually small images (1x1 pixels), visibly or invisibly embedded within the source code of the pages of a website. They work and are used similarly to cookies. They are also used to measure site traffic and track user habits.

Find out more information about web beacons on: Wikipedia

Third parties

In some cases, we might share anonymous or aggregated information about site users with third parties, such as advertisers, sponsors or auditors, with the sole aim of improving our services. All of these tasks will carried out in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, and all data protection rights will be respected as stipulated in prevailing legislation..

This site measures site traffic in different ways, using cookies and/or web beacons in order to analyse what goes on within our pages. We currently use the web analytics services listed below. Follow the links provided to learn about their respective privacy policies:

This site may also host advertising, whether its own, or from third-party partners or ad networks. These advertisements are displayed via ad servers, which also use cookies in order to tailor ad content to each user. Each of these ad servers has its own privacy policy, which can be consulted on the respective websites.

Cookies are files created on your internet browser to record your actions on the website and enable a more fluid, customised browsing experience..

Cookie Name Goal More information
Google Analytics __utma__utmb__utmc


This cookie collects anonymous data to record the actions of users on the website and gain information about site referrals and similar statistics.
Currently we do not use these cookies.
– Centro de privacidad de GoogleGoogle Privacy Centre–Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on
Ayuda WordPress PHPSESSIDui-tabs-1wptouch-pro-cache-state This cookie allows the user to visualise and interact with the page, their session preferences, user ID and cookies. – Ayuda WordPress Privacy Policy
WordPress, Automattic y Disqus __qtamcdisqus_unique


This cookie collects anonymous data on the actions of users on the website in order to gain information about site referrals and similar statistics. – Política de privacidad de Quantcast

You do not need to accept these cookies in order to use this website. You may deny them or configure your browser to block and/or delete them.

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